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    LGBT Safety Forum from CitiCable on Vimeo.

    LGBT Safety Forum 10/18/12

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    TOTT: Fashion from CitiCable on Vimeo.

    Talk of the Town
    Topic: Cincinnati Fashion
    Guests: Amy Scalia - Editor-in-Chief of Cincy Chic; Mike Trotta - Owner of Mike & Carol Trotta &
    Nathan Hurst - CEO of Cincinnati Fashion Week
    Host: P.G. Sittenfeld

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    I said hello to the new Vimeo

    And it said hello right back! Seriously though, I just checked out the new Vimeo, and boy are my eyes excited. The videos looks better than ever, and there’s lots of other new stuff to get pumped about. Take it for a spin yourself at

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    Wednesday Meetings: Major Transportation & Infrastructure Projects Subcommittee 10:30am. Livable Communities Committee 1:00pm.

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    Happy New Year!

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    RNNC 2011 Session. Plant Pride on Parsons: Revitalization of an Urban Corridor:

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    Program Schedule:

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    The new InFocus show is about the @CHRC Year End Review. Schedule & VOD:

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    Spoon’s Life Skills &Fundamental Basketball Camp for girls this week at the @CRC Price Hill Rec Center:

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    The @cincihealthdept has Holiday Food Tips for you:

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    Holiday Meeting and Program Schedule:

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